ProSequencer Houdini

A first class sequencer for Houdini. You get an After Effects like timeline in Houdini which you can use as a camera sequencer and as a general sequencer as well to basically tweak timing on anything. Watch the tutorial after the break for details.

To get this plugin simply make a donation, any amount is fine, and I’ll send you the plugin. It’s quite well documented opensource and written in Python.



  • Drag and drop a switch node into the sequencer panel to initialize it
  • Connect null nodes to the switch to create tracks.
  • Drag and drop a camera onto a track to assign it to that track.
  • Drag an drop any render node to a track to sync it with track data.
  • SHIFT-drag a track for snapping
  • ALT-drag up/down to re-order tracks
  • CTRL-click to select/deselect multiple tracks
  • double-click track to select track node


1) Put received file in: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\houdini16.5\python_panels

2) Open the “Python Panel Editor” from the “Windows” menu

3) To verify it’s there select “ProSequencer” from the pulldown button right at the top of the “interfaces” tab. This is also were you can tweak the source if you ever need to.

4) Go to the “Pane Tab Menu”-tab and move the “ProSequencer” from the left into the right side using the arrow buttons.

5) Press “Apply” and you should now be able to open PS pane tab.

6) Enjoy!

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