ProNavigator Houdini

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A great tool to do a 2d zoom/pan in the viewport without altering the view’s perspective. Great for zooming in to shots that are tracked. See video for details.

Source and updates available here



  • Mousewheel to zoom in/out
  • Left mouse button to drag around
  • double click to reset to normal full view
  • Ctrl-Left click to select the camera node in the network view


1) Put received file in: C:Users/<username>/Documents/houdini16.5/python_panels

2) Open the “Python Panel Editor” from the “Windows” menu

3) To verify it’s there select “Navigatorr” from the pulldown button right at the top of the “interfaces” tab. This is also were you can tweak the source if you ever need to.

4) Go to the “Pane Tab Menu”-tab and move the “Navigator” from the left into the right side using the arrow buttons.

5) Press “Apply” and you should now be able to open the navigator pane tab.

6) Enjoy!

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