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Sourcecodes and installers for all free scripts can be found in my bitbucket repository.

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ProSequencer 2.0 Houdini (Free)

A first class sequencer for Houdini 16.5 and up. It provides you with a very comfortable shot based workflow right in Houdini. Set up your cameras, make an edit and preview or render the tracks with a few clicks. It allow you to be more creative, save a lot of time and avoids mistakes. At hearth it's a camera sequencer that manages everything related to it's shots, besides that it can also be used as an very advanced dope sheet to adjust (re)timing on anythings, trigger events, etc.

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ProNavigator Houdini (Free)

A great tool to do a 2d zoom/pan in the viewport without altering the view's perspective. Great for zooming in to shots that are tracked. See video for details.

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ProSequencer 3ds Max (Free)

If you’re working with multi-shot animations this will make your life a lot easier! You can now create, view and tweak an edit directly inside 3dsMax. All this in an artist friendly way comparable to working in After Effects or Premiere. Quickly export previews or render clips directly from the timeline.

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Nyx SideKick (99€)

Nyx SideKick makes it very comfortable to incorporate Houdini into your 3ds Max workflow. By creating  a bi-directional live connection between both programs Max and Houdini can talk directly to each other which create some very powerful workflows options.

SideKick links keep things procedural between both programs, watch the video for details.  Works fully with Houdini 16+,  Indie or FX lic required for full capabilities.

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Nyx Voltron (49€)

Nyx Voltron provides a very powerful and efficient workflow between 3ds Max and Adobe After Effects with interactive capabilities.
Link anything from 3ds Max to AE with as little baking as possible and preserving Bezier keys/handles on animation curves.

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Trackbar ModFilter (Free)

A small script to only show animation keys in the trackbar that belong to the selected modifiers in the stack. This will avoid some of the need to work in the curve editor for adjusting keys.

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ProFocus (Free)

Simply Focus cameras by clicking on objects the viewport. Supports all Max's native cameras as wel as Corona's and V-Ray's ones.

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MaxSQL (Free)

When developing tools you often need to collect items from the scene which in some cases is easier said then done. MaxSQL provides a framework for querying all of Max like a database getting all the items you need with a few lines of mxs.

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Pro Trajectory Handles (Free)

ProTrajectoryHandles (PTH) creates in-viewport handles on trajectories. ProBezierAssist is included as well in the UI, making it easy to retime animation without altering the path.

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