Pro Trajectory Handles

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ProTrajectoryHandles (PTH) creates in-viewport handles on trajectories. ProBezierAssist is included as well in the UI, making it easy to retime animation without altering the path.


  • Directly edit trajectories in the viewport including handles.
  • Easily translate or rotate (part of) a trajectory.
  • Alter time distribution without changing the trajectory itself. (see video)
  • Compatible with complex animated hierarchies such as rigs.
  • Supports both the default Position_XYZ controllers as well as those placed in Position_Lists
  • Optionally displays  velocity using a color gradient on the trajectory
  • Optionally use object’s wire color as trajectory
  • Optionally only create handles for selected keys.
  • PTH is bidirectionally synced with the trackview, changes made in one are reflected in the other


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